Agreed on Wendy Hutchens she is great with my 5 horses. I used someone else once, and one of my poor girls was so sore after!

N.Y., Tumalo,

Wendy Hutchens is awesome, she comes and does mine on the SE side.

T.R., Bend,

Love Wendy! She takes great care of my two 

B.S., Terrebonne,

 I use Wendy Hutchens! She is awesome with my young girl. Takes time to get her just right and she's never sore!

C.V., Bend,

Wendy just did my two today and did a super job, was on time and took the time to explain what she was doing. Thanks Wendy Hutchens, see you in 8 weeks! 

J.L., Bend,

Wendy is awesome!

L.M., Terrebonne,

I second Wendy Hutchens. She does an awesome job and causes absolutely no pain. On time, shows when she says she will. Awesome lady.

A.W., Bend,

Wendy Hutchens is the best for barefoot!

R.V., Tumalo,

I've been meaning to write you since you were here and trimmed Rebels feet but time keeps slipping away. Rebel has already been tested for insulin resistance. She an IR horse, I think I mentioned that to you before? That's why I'm so careful with green grass, sugars, grains, certain supplements, drugs and vaccines. She's also low on her thyroid. So...best trim we've had in a very loooong time. She continues to move great and her feet look as good as possible, no chips/cracks/etc. I think I'd forgotten what it looked like to have her move so well. She also looks so much more balanced than she has in over 1 year.